Youtube Video SEO: Get High Ranking with 9 Tips (Updated 2019)

Straight to the point, we hope that this article would help you in Youtube Video SEO. In other words, you will know how to rank your videos number #1 on Youtube.

In fact, the Youtube video SEO tips we’re gonna share with you have helped us rank for a dozen of different keywords.

It’s time to show you the 9 most powerful tactics.

Let’s dive right in ?

1️⃣ Front-Load Keywords

Everyone knows that target keywords should be in a video title. However, what you may not know is that Youtube highly evaluates words which appear at the beginning of the title.

Let’s say, you want to rank your video for “cook noodles”

Most people would use a title like “My 5 best ways to cook noodles”.

This title looks good. But, you can make it, even more, SEO friendly thanks to the front-loading keyword.

Cook Noodles: My 5 best ways”

This is a typical title with a frond-loaded keyword.

Front Load Keywords

Recently, the frond-loaded keyword tip is used widely on Youtube community and it is a Youtube video SEO.

2️⃣ Brackets and Parentheses in Video Title

A title is an important ranking factor.

According to Youtube,

Well-writen titles can be the difference between someone watching and sharing your video or scrolling right part of it

One of the easiest ways to boot your Click-through rate (CTR) is to add brackets or parentheses to your video title.

A study by HubSpot discovered that simply adding brackets and parentheses to titles rises the click-through rate by up to 30%

Writing Effective

Let’s say, your video, which is going to be published, mentions about 10 E-commerce Tips.

When you use the first tip, front-load keyword, it should be E-Commerce Tips: 10 Ways to Increase Sales.

However, you can change a little bit and increase your clicks by more than a third

E-Commerce Tips: 10 Ways to Increase Sales (2019)

SEO Title

Recently, brackets and parentheses are usually used to specify the current year.

Actually, this way works really well.

Youtube users want to see current and relevant content.

When mentioning the current year in your video title, your result instantly stands out in the search results.

3️⃣ Mini Blog Post for Video Descriptions

Do you know that long descriptions help videos rank better on Youtube?

As the longer descriptions help Youtube better understand what your video talks about.

An ideal description has between 100 and 200 words.

Youtube Description

In the description, you can outline the content of your video without giving too much detail information and reveal it.

That way, even if people read the description, they still need to watch the video to see the actual content.

4️⃣ Video Tags

Youtube Tags

Tags aren’t as important as they used to be. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean that tags are useless.

Tags still make a difference if you use them precisely.

The function of tags is helping Youtube understand the content of your video.

Therefore, you don’t need a lot of tags, which can confuse Youtube and Google as well.

If Youtube doesn’t understand what topic of your video, they will not rank it.

Using video tags appropriately.

A small number of highly specific tags work best, following the formula:


Make sure that your first tag is the target keyword like your title, Youtube puts more weight on tags that appear early on, especially first tag.

If your target keyword is “cook pasta”, your first tag is #cookpasta.


Create 2 or 3 tags that are an alternative version of your main keyword, like #cookpastarecipes, #cookpastaforbreakfast.

You find it easy to have these variations by using Youtube search field to get Youtube suggests.


You should include 1 or 2 broad terms as your last set to tags, which describe the overall topic or industry.

The purpose of these broad tags is to provide Youtube more context about the video.

Such as #nutrient #nutrition used for #cookpasta.

The third Youtube video SEO tip will give a clear description of your video. So that you need to use tags wisely.

5️⃣ CTR Magnet Thumbnails

Click-through rate (CTR) is an essential Youtube ranking factor. It means that when your video gets an above-average amount of clicks in the search results, you will get a ranking-bump from Youtube.

Using CTR Magnet Thumbnails can help you get more clicks

Youtube CTR Thumbnails

CTR Magnet Thumbnails are strategically designed to get more clicks from Youtube searchers.

Here is the step-by-step process.

First, use non-Youtube colors in your thumbnail.

Instead of using the same color of Youtube, white, red, black, you should use contrast color such as green, blue, orange to make your thumbnails attractive.

This tip will help your video stand out from the other ones and easily get more clicks.

Next, Big, Bold text in your thumbnail

The text will help in getting more clicks than without it.

Because the thumbnail is pretty small, you don’t have a lot of space to work with.

Therefore, 30 characters of text will work best.

Example of youtube thumbnails

6️⃣ Increase Video Length

Long or short videos work better on Youtube Video SEO?

When analyzing 1.3 million Youtube videos, we found out that longer videos have a tendency to rank higher than shorter ones.

In fact, the data showed that the average video on the first page of Youtube is 14 minutes, 50 seconds long.

Video Length

A few years ago, Youtube said

We focus on those videos that increase the amount of time that the viewer will spend watching videos on Youtube.

Youtube loves videos which can keep people watching for long periods of time.

Hence, try to make your videos between 8 to 15 minutes long.

7️⃣ Boost Video Engagement Signals

Once again, after analyzing 1.3 million Youtube search results in order to find out what makes certain videos rank higher than others.

What did we have? ?

Videos having lots of engagement signals outranked videos that don’t get a lot of engagement.

Generally, whenever someone engages with your video, it means that they love it.

People can express their feeling through shares, likes, comments and subscribe. These are the engagement signals, second Youtube video SEO tips.

Video Engagement Signal

The study also found that comments contribute to rankings more than any other engagement signal.

How to make people comment on your videos?

The answer is a hyper-specific call to action at the end of your video.

Instead of using a generic call to action such as “Share with us what you think” or “Leave a comment”, hyper-specific call to action work much better.

You can make two options so that your viewers can easily share your thought by leaving comment A or B, for example.

Two Options

With the easy choice, your video will increase hundred of comments.

8️⃣ Rank in Suggested Video

Youtube video SEO is not only ranking the search results but also getting views.

You can easily get views from Suggested Videos.

Suggested Videos are when your videos show up next to another video in the sidebar

Suggested Video

The wonderful thing about suggested videos is that you can steal some views from popular videos.

A tactic for suggested videos is using the same tags that trending videos use.

When Youtube recognizes that some of your tags match the ones from the popular videos.

Youtube will figure out your video has the same topic and likely rank your video as a suggested video.

In order to find out the tags of videos, you need to check the source code of the page.

With Google Chrome, just right-click on the page and click view page source (or shortcuts Ctrl+U)

Source Code

Then look at the keyword section of the page, the keywords which appear are the tags for the video.

Another way is using tools like TubeBuddy or VidIQ to get a video’s tags without needing to look through the source code.

Then you use a few of the tags for your video. Make sure to copy the tags exactly.

9️⃣ From Donkey to Unicorn

The truth is that sometimes we have videos that work better than others no matter you have a small channel or having a million subscribers.


The answer is watch time.

We talked about the video length in Tip 6. At this tip, we’ll focus how to turn donkeys into unicorns.

✅ First of all, you need to log into Youtube analytics and click on audience retention.

This report lets you know how much of a video people watch and where they tend to drop off.

Audience Retention

✅ Then, search for a video you’ve published on your channel that’s done very well.

✅ Next, keep an eye out for audience retention peaks (Peaks are sections of your video) to understand what kept people watching that part

Did you put the infographic on the screen or say something funny or even change camera angle?

Take note this.

✅ Lastly, apply your note to future videos to improve the amount of time people spend.

This tip helps your video from potential donkeys to amazing unicorns.


We hope that you could learn something new from this article.

Which of Youtube Video SEO tips you would use first?

Are you going to try front-load keywords or increase engagement signal?

Either way, let us know by leaving a comment below this post and we can discuss further.

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