WooCommerce Wholesales – Insight & How To Do It Right

How to make the wholesales website or add the wholesales feature to your WooCommerce website with insights.

In the article “WHOLESALE | Everything You Need to Know (Updated 2019)” we have understood What is Wholesale? The benefit of Wholesale? How to mark wholesale prices? and everything about Wholesale.

So today, we will learn how to make the WooCommerce wholesale website that fulfills the demands of the website owners?


By the end of 2018, B2B sales hit a whopping $7.7 trillion. It’s a remarkable achievement and a trend that is expected to rise in the next years. 

Global B2B e-commerce

Compare that to $2.1 trillion in retail sales, and I can see the possibilities here, Wholesale.

Why WooCommerce?

WooCommerce is one of the most powerful and widely-used e-commerce platforms on the web. It’s the plugin for WordPress, of course.

According to BuiltWith, WordPress powers 33.6% of all the websites on the Internet or WordPress powers over one-third of the web while WooCommerce is the most popular solution for E-commerce with a market share of 22%.

WooCommerce Build With

  • It’s Free

WooCommerce is totally free to download. In addition, it has extra features such as extensions, plugins and much more. It means that you can boost your emerging business without cost anything. 

  • Customer Support

WooCommerce has great customer support when you could ask any questions related to the installation process, web designing and many more to Customer Support and Tech Support.

  • Large Community

With more 4+ million active installations, Woocommerce community is greatly huge and you could find some tutorials for your own business.

  • Thousands of add-on/plugins

Some cases, the requirements for the E-commerce site becomes more complex. Luckily, there are thousands of add-on/plugins which could add additional features.

After the research, I found that we should solve the problems that come from the buyer, who will buy products in batch and with large quantity.

So, here’s our mindmap for that.

Wholesales MindMap

Let’s see if WooCommerce can help us.

WooCommerce Wholesales Customers – Users Role

Supposing that you already have a website and the website is for retail customers. Now you would like to expand your business to wholesale business.

The question is that how could you know which ones are retail customers and which ones are wholesale buyers?

Luckily, with the best WooCommerce wholesale plugins, you can simply and effectively cater to both your WooCommerce B2B and B2C customers all using the same system, with great user experience at the front end and an easy-to-manage back end. 

A free plugin, User Role Editor would allow you to create new roles, assign capabilities to it and even edit the capabilities of the existing WordPress/WooCommerce roles (except the Administrator)

It is updated regularly with more than 500,000 active installations

User Role Editor

Go to Users > User Role Editor and click “Add Role”.


Now, you can hide the Add-to-Cart button for a specific user role and in place of that add a custom text.

Or, you can choose to display a discounted rate for your wholesale buyer (who is mostly going to purchase in bulk) and keep a regular price for all other roles.

WooCommerce Wholesales Pricing

WooCommerce could help you identify customers roles. After that, let’s see if WooCommerce solves pricing strategy for wholesale.

The answer is Yes.

Wholesale pricing systems can be created in WooCommerce using the Dynamic Pricing Extension with 18 reviews on WooCommerce.com

WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing will allow you to

  • Select how your wholesale pricing roles should be configured.
  • Create global discounts for wholesalers based on your group or role by going to WooCommerce > Dynamic Pricing.

These global discounts will override any other rules you’ve set (for example, a product-specific rule), so you should ensure that you’d like this to apply to all products if set.

  • Turn on price or percentage-based discounts for your role or group here.
  • Create advanced category rules for wholesale products. These will let you choose how to apply discounts based on product category, and can be applied based on the line item quantity, or the total quantity of products in the category.
  • Select which category must be purchased, which group or role this pricing applies to, and then which category should be discounted.
  • Set minimum and maximum purchase quantities for this pricing to take effect, which is a requirement for many wholesale systems.
  • Set several quantity rules to tier out discounts, i.e., quantities of 20-30 provide a 10% discount, while quantities over 30 provide a 15% discount.

When these rules are met, the wholesale customer will see a discount reflected in the cart and at checkout:


Order total discounts can be created as well, which are similar to category discounts. Instead of meeting an item quantity or category quantity, an order total or total spend for a category must be met instead to trigger a discount.

The final method that can be used to change WooCommerce wholesale pricing is per-product pricing. This gives you more granular control over your wholesale pricing, as you set product-specific rules.

When editing a product, you can provide discounts based on product quantity, variation quantity, line item quantity (all variations of a product), or category quantity. You can also create quantity tiers for discount amounts as well.


The thing I like about product-specific rules is that you can set a fixed price for the product for wholesale customers rather than creating a discount.

This can let you create a system where regular customers pay $30 for a product, but wholesale customers pay $18, but only if a minimum quantity is purchased.


The last updated of Dynamic Pricing is 2019-01-07. With the update, the newest features can extend and help you create more pricing strategies.

WooCommerce Wholesales Product Catalogs

Two problems are solved. The third one will be answered smoothly?

Sometimes, you want only wholesales to buy your products rather than retailers. That’s why some products should be hidden from regular customers.

And WooCommerce can hide products you want?

It’s time for Catalog Visibility Options


This plugin works great with User Role.

When this plugin is installed, you’ll be able to adjust visibility options for your products to determine which roles can see them.

You can do this on a per-category basis by viewing the product category and editing the visibility options:


Additionally, you can also adjust visibility on a per-product basis with more granular control,

You also select which roles are able to view products, which can view the price, and which can purchase products, which lets you limit some products to your wholesale customers.

Your regular customers will never see products that are wholesale-only.


WooCommerce Wholesales Payment Provider

After solving 3 questions, User Role, Pricing, and Product/Catalog, there are two more problems. 

Imagining that when wholesale buyers could purchase what they want with a reasonable price, how could the pay for them?

Once again, WooCommerce has a wonderful method when it can support any payment gateway. Customers can choose a payment method at the checkout.

You just find the right plugin to integrate the store with your chosen payment provider.

Paypal and Stripe

2 Well-know Payment Options for WooCommerce Wholesale Stores

  • PayPal – PayPal Standard offers the simplest way to take payments for wholesale orders. Simply add the email address that you log into PayPal into the WooCommerce settings, and let customers pay online.


Customers can choose to pay from their PayPal account or directly with credit or debit card without logging into PayPal. This is a big advantage for wholesale customers, who may not have a company PayPal account. You will receive the funds into your own PayPal account.

It is true that PayPal comes with more fees. However, PayPal is transparent when it comes to fees for online credit card processing. There are no hidden fees, which is a pro in today’s world!

Most transactions will cost a 2.9% +30¢ fee and every other fee is explained and out in the open for everyone to see it

Paypal Fee

  • Stripe – Another useful payment is Stripe when some wholesale store owners could take credit or debit card payments.


Unlike PayPal, which is a frontend payment processing brand, Stripe is a backstage payment processor. Stripe payment processing does not involve an account as PayPal does and your clients will get to interact with your website alone rather than interact with the Stripe website.

Stripe is the easiest to set up when you don’t need to buy any extra WooCommerce extensions. You need to sign up to Stripe, and enter your account information in the WooCommerce settings and also need an SSL certificate to use Stripe.

However, Stripe’s availability is limited to some locations and banks while Paypal can accept most places in the world.

stripe fee

It’s difficult to determine which of the two major payment processors is more suitable for your wholesale site.

Stripe vs Paypal

However, just positioning your target wholesale customers, you could find a suitable payment.

For me, I choose the Paypal payment.

Although it costs much, it supports 25 currencies and is available in over 200 countries/regions (Africa, Americas, Asia Pacific, and Europe).

I have the ambition to enlarge my business all over the world and I think PayPal could assist me with its global availability.

WooCommerce Wholesales Order Form

You’re now in the final question. Hope WooCommerce could answer this like 4 questions above.

Wholesaler customers are not like regular ones. 

Regular WooCommerce order forms come in a grid format of three to four products per row. Each product will usually have an “Add To Cart” button (without variations or quantity picker), a title, an image, and a price.

If someone likes a product, they can click on it to read more information. If they are interested in multiple similar products, they will need to open up multiple tabs and compare them that way.

In contrast to this blocky standard layout, a WooCommerce wholesale order form lists multiple products all on top of each other, with rows of relevant information all lined up.

Thus, customers can make a quick and clear comparison between a number of products without needing to open multiple tabs.

Once they’ve chosen their products, they can quickly tick all the ones they want, choose their quantities and variations, and add everything to the cart.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Woocommerce-product-table.gif

Therefore, your order forms for wholesales buyers should be different. It can be simple like including quantity, discount, price and that’s it.

Standards for wholesale order forms may be

  • A list view that lets shoppers order multiple products from a single page.
  • Columns that display important information – like dimensions or other specs.
  • An option to select different quantities and add products to their cart right from that list view.

The WooCommerce Product Table plugin is one of the powerful plugins which provides the best way to do organize and display your products in an order form layout.

It is now being used to customize thousands of WooCommerce wholesale stores across a number of different industries.

Here is a step-by-step tutorial on how to build a WooCommerce order form with the WooCommerce Product Table.

Honestly, it is so relieved that finally, WooCommerce could help solve 5 big issues when starting to wholesale.

Obviously, I can completely create a wholesale site with WooCommerce. If I can do, so you can too.

Creating a basic WooCommerce wholesale system is fairly simple just like that

Final Thought

This article only focuses on whether WooCommerce is suitable for a wholesale site and fee to create it. It will cost you somewhere at ~$300, but its worth, since the income and value from the whole is much more than that.

Total: $277

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