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In your daily tasks, you would search for various information. While searching, you either already know exactly what you want or not, which will lead to the use of a different type of searches to get the answer. In this post, I will help you understand how the user search for, their intent, and what you should do to optimize your SEO product descriptions.

User Intent in Type of Searches

A user who searches for information via search engines might use unpredictable search terms, some of them relate to exact demands, while most of others might be a how-to tutorial.

To know more about this user behavior, researchers at the Queensland University of Technology conducted a sufficient report that classified the search queries to 3 main categories of search intent, include navigation searching, transactional searching, information searching.

Each of the categories contains different characteristics, let’s find out what are they and how we can exploit them to rank higher on Google.

Search term “Sundar Google” in the demonstration of Navigation Search type

The original of this search type come from the user’s laziness, who only want to type a few words but still get the correct website address, in this case, the search engine would help the user to correct the spelling or auto-complete the website address.

This type of search intent indicates the usage of the search engine as a navigator. Usually, the queries length of this search type always less than 3. Which might contain:

  • company/business/organization/people names (Microsoft)
  • domain in the prefixes/suffixes (Zoe HQHow.com)
  • “web” word (Gucci web)

Transactional Searching

Transactional search type usually include the exact user’s demand on the topic

In discrepancy with the previous navigational searching, transactional searching revealed the specific demand, which the searchers might grasp exactly what they need, where to get them.

In this sort of searching, the user might search with a specific URL that missing the protocol due to copy mistake (i.e ttps://hqhow.com, which missed “h” at the beginning).

The searcher always shows their intent clearly, which might emerge following words in their queries :

  • “download” word (download OneDrive officially)
  • file or multimedia with an extension (Microsoft logo png)
  • interact terms (buy, chat,..) (buy MD404 machine)

Informational Searching

Information searching type usually contain Wh-questions

With informational searching, the searchers also have refined the purpose in their minds. The only thing they want is the answer to something. That’s why the search queries always include words like:

  • Wh-question (What, why, when, how, ways to)
  • Top of the
  • Best of the

In the research, 80% of search queries belong to Informational Searching type.

With a high portion, which translates to customer’s behaviors, we can see that people usually look for a lot of options before buying a product online.

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Optimize SEO Product Description

Alright, we already understand how somebody searches the information on the search engines, now we will do the SEO optimize for product description, which will help you leapfrog the trends.

How would you implement the quintessential knowledge above to your eCommerce website?

SEO Optimize for Product Title

Have you ever ask why the products usually have the title like this: Surface X – 256SSD 16Gb RAM – Best Price in Town

It’s usually taken for granted and treat as the apparent thing, but, they do have the formula

You should make the title with this formula: domain – qualifiers – attention

The product title is the most important data that search engines will take and digest then show to users when they search, and in the considerations, the searchers who search with transactional terms will have a higher chance to rank and can convert to sale easier.

So, you should create the impressive product title, who meet exactly what user want, and voila!!

SEO Optimize for Product Description

Describe your product with the features that users are looking for with benefits, do not tell them which problem do they solve.

Try to think you’re the salesperson, what would your first sentence to impress your customer?

It also should less than 140 characters to comply with Google’s search standards.

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10 Tips of Content to Drive More Traffic to Your Site

  1. How-to tutorial, guide your user to use your product effectively.
  2. FAQ page to answer the most common questions.
  3. Fair comparison page to differentiate your products with others, with pros and cons.
  4. Write the detailed review with your product features, how it can help your customer, which problem do they solve?
  5. Allow customers to post the comments/questions before purchase, as those questions can be index by Google, and another customer might want to know it too, and you only need to write the answer once.
  6. Use the images that have the product’s unique selling point (USP) on that to marketing
  7. Build your brand name, besides product SEO
  8. Take advantage of Google’s Local Business to show your business information on customer’s search result, if they look for you
  9. Create informative pages like “About Us, Contact Us, Our Policies” so Google can take that information for Local Business
  10. Write the posts with a collection of products to suggest to them which they should buy.

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