Optimize Facebook Business Page with 10 Tips (2020)

You’ve created a Facebook Business Page for your local business and after a week, two weeks, no one likes it while your followers are your friends. That’s too bad! ?

Don’t worry!

In this blog, we’ll show you 15 powerful tips you can start implementing today to optimize your Facebook Business Page and get the chances of being found amongst the millions of other pages by new visitors.

1️⃣Select The Right Business Category

When you create a Facebook Business Page, you need to choose the right business category.

Facebook will keep the most specific and relevant category for which you want your business to be found.

Facebook business page category

2️⃣Profile Pictures

The profile picture will display your brand and is usually your business logo. This picture is probably the most important because it will be shown on all your posts in Facebook search results.

?Make sure that the picture is a 180 x 180 pixels square and readable when resized to 40 pixels

Facebook profile picture

3️⃣Cover Photo

The second chance to make a great first impression is using a cover photo as the cover photo is the biggest image on your page.

The most impactful is at 820 pixels by 312 pixels.

The cover photo will show the trends season news that is happening in your business.

You can use a video to grab the attention of your visitors straight away with 20 to 90 seconds long.

? Remember to add the description to the cover photo. Many businesses ignore or forget it.

It is a great opportunity to insert more and more relevant keywords. Simply click on the photo and click add a description. You can add tag, location as well.

Facebook Dimension

4️⃣Fill In Information in About Section

  • Short Description

A short description is in About section of your page to describe who you are and what you do in 255 characters.

? It is very necessary to use relevant keywords in your short description.

Facebook information
  • A Long Description (Story)

A long description is also located in the same place as the short one. It is below the story headline with a few paragraphs.

Then you click “See more”. The story will expand to full glory.

This section is limited to 10 thousand characters and you have enough space to put all information on your business.

? Using this long description to talk more about your business in-depth and include services or additional information like contact information.

Facebook story
  • A Link to Your Website

Facebook allows us to promote our website by adding a link to your website directly from your Facebook Business Page.

Scroll down and go to the Contact Info and you’ll see

Facebook website

Simply enter your website and email and click “Save”

5️⃣Customize Facebook Business Page URL

After you create a Facebook Business Page, the URL will be random numbers, which is hard to remember.

To optimize it, you have to create a page username link under a profile picture and create your new URL.

Facebook URL
Facebook URL

? You will need at least 25 likes before you can customize your URL.

6️⃣Call To Action (CTA) to Your Page

This is a good chance to convert your visitors into your followers by adding Call to action button right at the top of the button right at the top of your page in blue.

Currently, there are five main categories choose from ranging across 14 different options.

Choosing the one that is the most suitable for your business.

7️⃣Page Tabs

Page tabs will help in promoting your products or services if your business will either sell products or offer services.

We go to more detail with this tip.

Go to a Shop Section and click on the link in order to trigger the setup.

Facebook Shop

Then you set up your shop details

Facebook Setup Shop

Another pop-up comes up asking about your business details, location and so on.

You can skip this step for now, but at some point, you’ll need to give Facebook this information.

Next, you can indicate the type of products you intend to sell on Facebook.

type of product

We’re not done with taxes just yet! In the next step, Facebook asks about the type of your business and information of your business representative. This is most likely going to be your own info unless you want to designate someone else.


With that done, you have the difficult stuff behind you, and you can now finalize the setup of your store on Facebook.

The last thing to clarify is your shipping options, return policy and customer service email. Just pick from the list of available shipping options and set your details for each.

Shipping option

The results is

Then you just click to “Add Product” and follow what Facebook requests.

Facebook product

8️⃣Pin Your Most Important Posts

You always want to give the best impression to the visitors for the first time.

Pin any post you feel it is important from your feed right at the top of your page. Click to … at the top of the post and select the pin to top of the page.

9️⃣Post Videos

According to Cisco study, a worldwide leader in IT and networking videos, 80% of the World’s Internet Traffic will be video by 2019.

Therefore, if your Business Page has many more videos, it easily attracts the audience.

Facebook has its own quality standards and optimization guidelines that you should know to really take advantage of it.

  • HD Videos are a must: You have to provide a great visual experience with an aspect ratio no bigger than 1280px wide and a frame rate of 30fps or less.
Facebook HD
  • Length of videos: Try to keep your videos between 30 seconds to 5 minutes in lengths and make sure you’re delivering the message you want.
  • Thumbnail: An attractive thumbnail is generally used to encourage your audience to click on the play button. Facebook you also want your viewers to feel instantly encouraged to watch your video, more so when they are browsing your timeline. Make sure it represents the spirit of your video, but at the same time it’s noteworthy and persuasive.
Facebook thumbnails

After that, it had better organize your Facebook videos nicely in a playlist.

Go to the Video section and click the pencil symbol and select the option.

Fill in the information and select the videos you want to be the part of your playlist.

?Enable Review

Nowadays, everyone makes informed choices depending on reviews.

People will check your reputation online before they make a decision to do business with you.

Go to the Setting, Edit Page. In Tab area, click “Add a Tab” and add Reviews tab.


10 simple tips for you to consider if you want your Facebook Business Page to get the attention and was liked by more and more people.

If you have another way to optimize your Facebook Business Page, please share with us by leaving a comment below.

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