Getting Free Traffic with 7 Advanced Ways

You just start your website and cannot afford paid advertising while SEO takes too long.

What should you do ??

This article will share with you 7 advanced methods which lead to free traffic that converts.



The first way we have for you is to post content on Medium.

You may wonder how Medium is considered advanced tactics?

Let us show a few things

First of all, Google doesn’t penalize for duplicate content. It means that whatever you post on your site, you can post on other sites as well.

However, it does not simply take your whole article and post it on Medium.

You had better post the first four or five paragraphs on Medium and let the readers click a link to continue to read the rest of the article.

When they land on your site, you should have a popup that gathers their email addresses.

Thanks to this way, the readers will continually keep coming back to your site if you release more new contents and notify them via emails.

As a result, it contributes to building up free traffic to your site.

Secondly, even if you don’t have a big following posting on Medium, you can pick up visitors from the Medium community.

Because you have a Click to continue, you’ll get a lot of traffic to your site if your article is attractive.

When you’re also collecting emails, you’ll notice that you can keep getting traffic back as you publish more and more contents.


The second strategy is posting full strategy on LinkedIn.


and you may think again why posting full articles on LinkedIn, not a few paragraphs like Medium.

What’s the purpose of that?

If you do the same as Medium, it is not effective.

Now people want to stay on LinkedIn and LinkedIn also want to keep people on their own social platforms.

So what are we going to do?

You post the whole article on LinkedIn and then create a cheat sheet.

This way extremely works well on LinkedIn.

The cheat sheet could be seven ways to do a, b, and c or show these tactics in a visual way.

The visual way will make people easier to understand your content.

You easily published the whole article on LinkedIn and tell people at the end of the post if they would like the cheat sheet or if you want a step by step instruction on leverage this, please click here.

You’re giving tips in your article on LinkedIn such as 7 ways to increase traffic and use visual infographic along with breaking on the first tactic.

You’re linking to that and it’s back on your site. Therefore, you can get free traffics.

Being a Guest on Podcast


Don’t worry that you are not famous to have yourself on other’s podcast.

Always remember that you’re someone. You obviously know something that other people don’t.

You’re skilled at one thing at least.

If you don’t believe in me, ask your best friends and they’ll let you know what you’re good at ?

Let’s say you’re writing a blog post on plant and an expert knows all about nutrition for plants.

You can get a quote from the expert with his permission in your article.

or in contrast, you just simply ask your experts to talk about your content on their podcast.

Doing with people who are experts and have a podcast, you’ll get a handful of experts.

These experts will give trust to your content.

Moreover, they will share your content if it has some interesting data or stats, and their fans will go to your site via the podcast.

Someone will say NO, someone will say YES. It’s okay.

Make sure your content is persuasive and trusty.

The experts will refer to it and send you more traffic for free.

Expert Roundups

It’s a little bit similar to the third one, but it has a bit of a different twist.

Just imagine that you do an expert roundup with all other marketers and share your number one Instagram hack.

People will share your content, push, publish it and be willing to link to it.

Maybe not all people but a portion, you’ll find your traffic will increase incredibly.

Another twist to expert roundups is after you start doing a few expert roundups, you can create an ultimate list like the top 100 nutrition blogs, the top 100 marketing blogs, etc. then create badges.

You can go to Fiverr, and have a badge created

People will start showcasing these on their site and they’ll leave a link to you.

Sum up, you do the expert roundups first in order to build rapport with some of these influential people who have popular blogs.

When you do a list of all the top blogs, you have a relationship with them. They’re much more likely to share the articles, put a badge on their site, drive traffic from their site back to yours on a consistent basis.

Leveraging Contests or Giveaways


“Hey, I’m giving away these items, click here to apply and share it on the social web.”

When you get people to do certain things in contents and giveaways, you can do a point-based system, for example.

You can give people 5 points for sharing on Twitter, another 5 for sharing on Facebook, something like that.

People can easily get all these points and the thing you should do is to make the contest or giveaways viral.

When it is viral, you can gain the most amount of free traffic.

OnePress Social Locker

OnePress Social Locker is a WordPress plugin.

Anyone on WordPress should use this plugin.

You can lock certain things on your site, people have to share content to get access to content upgrades or more content.

Be supposed that when someone’s already reading your article, they just finish a part of the article and you’re blocking it off.

If they want to read the rest of the article, they need to share your content.

It’s a brilliant strategy!

People who share your content may not have many followers. But if you get that volume of them sharing on their own social, it’ll create a snowball effect where more and more people continually see your content.

Getting them to share your content immediately to get access to this bonus material, you can generate more free traffic.

Live Video

Camera Silhouette – video production, projector, screen, sci-fi background

How are you going to get free traffic from a live video?

When someone is watching a video, they’re more engaged in it than any other time.

You can go live on Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram and even LinkedIn at the same time.

If you start doing live on all of these sites, you’re discussing different tactics and strategies and tell people like that “Oh, if you want this, go to this or go to my site”

People will start going over to these sites and you easily get free traffic.

For E-commerce sites, you even pitch people on products, services and lead to sales.

They’re greatly engaged than someone who just reads, tweets and clicks it.

You may not produce the highest amount of traffic from this way, but the people who go through, they’re much more likely to convert.

In conclusion

Those are strategies that we love using to get free traffic.

If you would like to ways to grow your traffic, you can follow our blogs or leave a comment right after this article to share with us your own ways.

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