Get More Youtube Views – New Tips (Updated in 2020)

Last time, we shared How to get high ranking on Youtube with 9 tips.

Today, we are going to show you exactly how to receive more Youtube views quickly, step by step.

A new tactic is called Sequel Technique

Where do the Youtube views come from??

Do you know that most views don’t come from search?

You may be surprised just like us before ?. Even though your videos rank in the top 5 on Youtube for trendy keywords, it doesn’t mean that people will search for your videos.

66% of the views on Youtube actually come from suggested videos.

Suggested Videos

? Definition: Suggested video is a section on the right-hand side of every video on Youtube, or underneath the video when you use mobile.

The main target of the sequel technique is to appear as a suggested video.

If you can get your video to appear as a suggested video, you can get thousands or even millions of views.

To do so, the sequel technique will be the best way.

Here is the step by step to use the sequel technique.

Youtube trending

There are two simple ways to find videos which are trendy on Youtube.

  • Using Youtube search: Searching for a keyword which describes best your video you’re going to make.
  • Next, keep a close eye for any video in the search results with having lots of views.

Let’s say, your search for “content marketing”

popular videos

You may effortlessly recognize that “Gary Vaynerchuk | Being a content marketing animal …” has 260k views.

This way is also help you in finding your competitor easily.

Then, you head over to their channel and find the most popular.

By using it, you can get a list of their top-performing videos.

Competitor's top performing videos

2️⃣Create Big and High-Quality Video ” The Sequel”

After finding a popular video, it’s time to make your video bigger and better.


Youtube published “Deep Neural Networks for Youtube Recommendation” to illustrate how suggested video probably works.

youtube recommendation

Youtube concentrates on expected watch time. It’s Youtube’s best guess of how much time people spend time watching your video after they click on it.

Needless to say that Youtube promotes video making people stay on Youtube.

Hence, the higher your expected watch time is, it is better.

For instance, you just published a video about “cooking pasta A”.

Youtube begins to show your video in the suggested video sidebar. If people click over to your video and watch it for 30 seconds on average, Youtube understands that your video as suggested video results in 30 seconds of watch time.

So that your video has expected a watch time of 30 seconds.

Next, you create another video “cooking pasta B”.

This video keeps people stay for two minutes, on average.

Because “cooking pasta B” has expected watch time of 2 minutes, which 4 times more than “cooking pasta A”, Youtube will promote “cooking pasta B” in suggested video sidebar

Expected Watch time

Being on suggested videos, your video needs to make people stay and watch it for as long as possible.

To do so, your videos should be attractive.

This leads to a sequel.

With your sequel, you take the video you found in step 1 and make it better.

Here is how to do it.

Making Appealing Video Intro

Youtube Intro

The first 15 seconds of your video is important. If viewers lose their interest in this period, they will click away.

However, if you can grab their attention, they’ll stick around.

To do so, you can show people real-life proof that your approach works, try to get their attraction.

Create a Longer Video

If you read my last article, you will know that long videos will rank higher than short ones.

?? Read Youtube Video SEO: Get High Ranking with 9 Tips (2019)

Youtube promotes videos that keep people on Youtube and longer videos tend to have a higher expected watch time.

Let’s say, your video is 3 minutes long, no matter people finish completely your video. Your expected watch time only is 3 minutes.

However, if your video is 10 minutes, when people watch half of it, your expected watch time is 5 minutes.

You need to follow your competitor and find out the average of expected watch time and make yours longer.

Add Pattern Interrupts

Eventually, it’s time to add pattern interrupts to your video.

Patter interrupts are what you add to your video in order to change things up.

A pattern interrupt can be a visual, a camera angle change, music. Basically, anything that’s different than the rest of video.

Pattern interrupts are greatly powerful as it can dramatically increase your videos, audience retention and watch time.

You check your competitors and use your own pattern to make your video distinguish with them like telling stories or some funny things.

3️⃣ Optimize Videos

Normally, when it comes to optimization, you may think of SEO. However, with the sequel technique, you don’t try to rank in the Youtube search. It is not your key purpose.

Our main goal is to show up as a suggested video next to a popular video.

To optimize your video as a suggested video, simply do one thing “Copy your competitors’ keywords”

Youtube’s Creator Academy says

When your video’s metadata matches the video someone’s watching, you’re more likely to show up as a suggested video

Thanks to it, here is exactly how to optimize your video to be a suggested video.

Let’s break down!

You noticed a video used keyword “improve Google ranking” in the title and description.

youtube title

So you try to repeat this keyword in your video and use it or a variation of it in your title.

Next, you look at the description of your competitors and once again use the same words they use. Then put them in your description.

Finally, copy the same tags in the source code of the page or use tool like TubeBuddy or vidIQ to get all video tags.

youtube tags

When showing up as suggested videos, you need to make your video distinctive and can increase CTR (Click-Through-Rate).

It is called Thumbnails.

Instead of using the same color like Youtube, Red, Black, and White, you can use color which looks so attractive and contrast like Green, Purple, or Pink.

People can notice your video immediately via Thumbnail. Then you not only get more views but asl increase the CTR.


That’s it for the sequel technique.

We hope that after this article, you can have some cool tips for your video.

Which of them you found it interesting and will use it first? Pattern interrupts or unique thumbnails.

Either way, let us know in the comment below.

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