Free Email Verifier

With this free email verifier, you can check 100 emails at once by text input, and 1000 emails at once by uploading file.

How to use free email verifier?

To use this free email verifier, you can put the email addresses into the text input, maximum 100 address at once.

If you want to bulk check email addresses, you can use the upload features to upload your list and start the inspection.

This free email verifer can verify the existance of most famous email provider, such as: gmail, outlook, yahoo mail, yandex, zoho, cPanel emails, iCloud emails (, protonmail,…

It also can verify the other custom domain email, i.e:

Note: the upload feature can verify up to 1000 email addresses at once.

Why do you need to verify email?

In the process of collecting users’ emails, they may provide you with non-existent emails, disposable emails or simply a typo in the email.

This will result in the email list you currently have a certain percentage of email errors – does not exist.

With these error emails, when you send email marketing campaigns to them, you will have a very high bounce rate, which will cause your campaign to be suspended or the email delivery speed is slow.

How does this email validation tool work?

By default, each email server provides an API set so that users can connect to and send emails through this API.

When you pass on an email address, the tool will look to that email server and check for the existence of the email address you just sent.

However, there are servers that do not support this, resulting in false information.

But with our tool, most of the major mail servers are well tested and working.


No, not at all! The other services might require you to register to use the service, and if you check like more than 10000 emails, you have to pay.

I build this email verification tool as my hobby, so I just want to give it for free, no user registration, no pay. I will keep it free forever.

Giver gain!

data privacy

The data you submitted to this tool will not be recorded or stored.

That’s mean your email list before and after checked will be secured. So, rest assure.


Update 25/07/2020

- Now can check cPanel emails
- Now can check iCloud emails
- Increase more server to check email faster
- Fix some logic in the backend

Update 27/05/2020

- Update: Fix submit button disappear in long email list.
- Update: Load App from CDN, load faster.

Update 20/05/2020

- Update: Check if email exist for outlook custom domain mail.

Update 05/04/2020

- Update App UI
- Improve backend check process with load balancer
- 25 upvotes on!! Yayy!!!

Update 05/03/2020

- Update bulk checking, maximum 1000 emails per check
- @yahoo, @outlook, @live, @hotmail @yandex can be checked with this app
- UX: Remove realtime email validation check, since it clearout the email while user typing
- Support me at:

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