9 Features That Help In Choosing Right SEO Rank Tracking Tools

Sometimes you may see a topic choosing the right rank tracker or question like what rank tracking tool is the best in diverse of SEO blogs.

Seldom do SEO blogs mention. But the time has come to tackle the topic with an in-depth article.

What is Rank Tracking?


Track ranking is the process of following the position of specified keywords of pages in search engines.

A rank tracker is a tool that performs rank tracking.

The Importance of Rank Tracking in SEO

Rank tracking is the result which you can measure your effort you’re putting into SEO.

Determine PPC Budget

With the ranking, you can see deeper the organic searching and adjust your PPC budget accordingly.

If any keywords are showing excellent organic rankings, you can reduce the budget to focus on different keywords in order to get the best results.

Instead of investing PPC on keywords having great organic results, you can target another keyword which may lead to traffic.

PPC Budget

Discover Hidden Data

Occasionally, Google hides keyword data from Google Analytics. Ranking tracking can help you explore “not-provided” data to find out what you might be miss.

Hidden Data

Improve Content Strategy

Content still plays an essential role in SEO. To have influential articles that connect people with you, you need to build a quality content strategy.

Rank tracking will assist you in picking up what keyword has a high ranking. Thanks to it, your content will engage with many people.


Avoid Penalties

Once tracking the ranking, you can figure out whether you are violating Google’s guidelines or not.

Any changes in your ranking will indicate how well you follow Google. If anything is out of the track like losing clicks, visitors, you need to consider your SEO plan and fix it as soon as possible.


How Does Rank Tracking Tools Work?

After each user query is taken, rank tracking tools get the result and save them.

Then rank trackers will follow user queries in a session and see how often they are made. The position rises up or down on every keyword.

Google keyword rank tracking tool

Main Features of Rank Tracking Tool Should Have

How to choose the right tracking tools depends on the basic features they support.

Here are 9 features that every rank tracker should have

  • Accuracy
  • Quantity of keywords
  • Search engine support
  • Local rank tracking
  • Device tracking
  • Competitors ranking
  • Report and Notification
  • Frequency
  • Pricing and Plan

Accuracy rank tracking

First and foremost, accuracy is the main factor to measure the precision of ranking. With the results, you understand your SEO plan is really working or not.

Every search is essentially personalized every day. A good rank tracking tool should be able to overcome those barriers to give you a clearer picture with correct data.

Accuracy rank tracking tool

Number of Keywords

The next feature is the number of keywords the tool can track.

If you’re the small business or personal blogger, you may need to check approximately 10 or 20 keywords. However, the story will be different if you work in a big company, especially digital agency.

All your clients may request a thousand keywords across various search engines. That’s why rank tracking tool you choose should have a powerful resource with big quota.

Obviously, it should not affect negatively your site’s speed and performance when you track these keywords.

Reliable server

Search Engine Support

Google is the largest search engine in the market so far, but it’s surely not the only one.

Basing on many criteria like location, customers’ behavior, other search engines will be the key search engine.

For example, if your target customer is from Russia and Russians use Yandex mostly. This time, you need to focus on ranking on Yandex not Google anymore.

Rank trackers could be track keywords on

  • Bing
  • Yahoo
  • Yandex (in Russia)
  • Baidu (in China)
  • DuckDuckGo
  • Ask
  • Aol
Search Engine

Local Rank Tracking

The physical location is another fact that leads to result returned to users. Different geographic will have different data.

Let’s say a user in Florida searches for “Italian Pasta”, he would like to see returned results from restaurants in or near Florida.

Rank trackers commonly support on these standards

  • Country
  • State/Province
  • City
  • Zip Code (Optional)
Local rank tracking

Keywords perform differently across location as they serve different audiences. The audiences do not come from one specified country.

Therefore, a good rank tracking tool could server local and international clients.

Device Tracking

More than half of all searchers these days use mobile phones. Tracking mobile rank is as important as desktop ranks.

SEO Rank tracking

Similar to local rank tracking, the same query performed on desktop and mobile bring about different results.

If a website doesn’t optimize mobile responsive, the ranking on mobile will be lower

Some rank trackers dismiss the extremely vital feature. The rank tracking tool you select cannot make the same mistake.


Tracking ranking on a daily basis will give you immediate action when any drop happens.

Daily ranking updates are very useful to detect patterns, for seeing the bigger picture.

Unfortunately, not all rank tracking tool track rankings daily. They only check weekly or monthly.

The farther time the rank tracker tracks, the worse result you will get.

Report and Notification

Report and alert rank tracking

It is convenient to see the daily ranking. However, your clients can’t follow it. You need to send them the report and evaluate how good your SEO work is.

To personalize the clients, some rank trackers allow you to customize the report when you could add a logo of clients.

One more thing, it is exhausted to keep an eye on a thousand keywords. SEO is not ranking at all. Therefore, auto notification is so necessary as it can alert you which part you need to fix right away.

Competitor Rank Tracking

Being able to keep track of how the competition is doing in terms of SEO is essential.

You’ll have a clear comparison to find out what you’re missing in order to get better ranking.

You also discover new potential competitors who are waiting to compete with you.

Pricing and Plan

Be honest that pricing DOES matter. If the rank tracking tool is so expensive, you may consider other tools which have similar features.

Just find the tool you find it suitable for your budget.

Now, you can figure out primary requirements of useful rank tracking tool. I’ve selected the top 5 popular rank trackers.

Top 5 best rank tracker tools for SEO in 2019

1. SERP Watcher

Mangools often offers great UI when it lets you track keyword position for any domain.

You can track keyword position depended on Geolocation and Devices – Desktop & Mobile as well.

You can choose one of their paid plans if you need to track more keywords. The pricing is reasonable and fits your budget perfectly.

SERPs Watcher rank tracking

2. Ahrefs Rank Tracker

This one is loaded with a number of considerable features.

  • It automatically detects what keyword your website is ranking for. You can specify ranking based on country, city and so on.
  • Easily track the rank of your competitor website comfortably.

Try to start the free trial for $7 within 7 days.

Ahrefs Rank Tracker

3. SEMRush Rank Tracker

Like other tools above, SEMRush can meet the primary features.

You can enter your website URL or the individual URL of a blog post, and it will show you which keywords you are currently ranking for.

You can further click on any resulting keyword to check keyword competition and other details.

It supports Google and Bing search as well.

You can get 14 days free trial

SEMRush Rank Tracker

4. Accuranker Rank Tracker

If you are looking for a dedicated paid keyword position checker, AccuRanker is a perfect rank tracking tool.

The first thing you see is their interface which is intuitive and you can easily get started.

You can track keyword ranking in Google search and also Bing search.

Accuranker Rank Tracker

Check out the preview of Accuranker

They are pretty fast and accurate. You can start for free using their 14 days of a free trial.

5. Pro Rank Tracker

This tool is made by an Israeli company.

The distinct feature making Pro Rank Tracker differ with other tools is offering Amazon track.

However, the fee should be considered:

  • 200 keywords: $25
  • 500 keywords: $49
  • 1000 keywords: $89
  • 2000 keywords: $129

Try it 7 days for free

Pro Rank Tracker

Final Words

We hope this article would help you in choosing the appropriate rank tracking tool for your business.

You had better check the features and then find out the 5 tools which are popular in the market.

Happy rank tracking!

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