5 Signals to Detect Website Works or Not

Keeping a close eye to websites of your competitors is a good way to understand how they run their business. However, what about you? ?

Do you truly check if you’re on the right track? Is your website working for you and if you’re getting your money’s worth?

In this blog, we’re going to show you 5 primary signals you can check the effectiveness of your website.

Let’s go! ?

1️⃣ Does your Website Get Any Visitors?

We understand that this is a very basic question and easy to notice. However, many business owners have a blank stare with the average visitors they get daily.

If you’ve built a website and you have no visitors, you should be worried.

Lucky for you, you have all the tools you need at your fingertips to assist you.

The most common one is Google Analytics

Google Analytics

This tool is so popular and you can install it on many platforms like WordPress or Wix.

Simply log into your business profile and click on the acquisition section on the left-hand side menu. After that, you’ll see at a glance if your website is getting any visitors, where they are from, etc.

Acquisition Report

The most important is that it takes you a few seconds and you can use the Google Analytics app right on your phone. Hence, you can check the site’s performance anywhere.

Google Analytic App

2️⃣ Is Your Website Ranking For Any Keyword?

For most local businesses, organic traffic is the biggest source of visitors to their website, but that’s only if your business ranks for keywords people are searching for.

If you don’t know whether your site is ranking for any specific keywords, just use Ubersuggest by Neil Patel.


You simply enter your domain name in the field and click on the search on the left-hand side menu.

This should bring up a list of keywords your site is ranking for along with their positions in Google search.

If you cannot see any keyword ranking between positions 1 and 10, it means your website is unlikely getting any traffic from Google.

The 10 results are on page 1 of Google and hardly anyone goes to the second page. Additionally, please remember that most people who conduct a search in Google click on the top 5 results.

Backlinks to your site influence greatly your overall keywords rankings. Therefore, you need to build links pointing to your site to reinforce your website authority and increase your rankings.

How to get powerful backlinks in 2020

3️⃣ Does Your Website Have Call To Action?

Most people who search for local services online have a very clear objective in mind. Their intent is often to call a business to either request more information about specific service that provides.

It is extremely important for you to include a call to action (CTA) in the form of a button or phone number on your pages that sits above the fold.

Above the fold is a portion of a web page that is visible in a browser window once the page has finished loading information accessible only by scrolling down the page

The users won’t have to search frantically where or how they can get in touch with you as it will be right in front of their eyes.

All they need to do is to click or tap so if your web pages don’t have a clear call to action on them, you should add one to both desktop and mobile devices.

4️⃣ Is Your Website Mobile Responsive?

With an explosion of mobile phones and tablets, Internet traffic is coming from handheld devices as exploded and even overtook desktop internet traffic.

If you run a website, it’s paramount to be compatible with multiple screen resolutions and more specifically with mobile phones.

The way your website is seen on different screen types will affect the user experience. However, it has also become part of Google’s algorithm so it shouldn’t be ignored.

Here is a quick tip to check if your website is compatible with on multiple screens.

Go to Google Chrome, type your web address in the search bar. Then right-click anywhere on the page and select the option inspect on the right-hand side panel.

After that, you click on the phone icon in the menu bar. This will show you what your site looks like on a mobile device on the left panel to change the screen resolution.

5️⃣ Is Your Website Fast Enough?

In today’s digital world, speed is everything and that includes how fast your website is loading.

According to a Google study, 53% of mobile site visits leave a page that takes longer than 3 seconds to load.

After 3 seconds, you will lose half of your visitors that’s not a long time to make an impression.

How do you check if your site is fast enough?

Simply use PageSpeed Insight Tool, which is provided by Google.

Google PageSpeed Insight

Enter your website address in the field and click on analyze. Wait for a few seconds and you should get a result ranging between 0 and 100.

The nearer your site is to a hundred, the better it doesn’t panic too much.

Then you’ll see many issues so that you can optimize and fix for loading faster.

In Short

Checking those 5 signs to see if your website is working hard for your.

If any of them is not optimized, start acting today. It will pay off very soon.

If you have any questions, you can leave your comments below and we’ll respond to them as soon as possible!

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